Over 70 years old, the house is empty and the things inside have remained intact

Near the town of Fleetwood, located in the United Kingdom, discovered an abandoned 19th century mansion. The most surprising thing is that the situation inside him remained “alive”.

About the discovery said a Cursor, a photographer-researcher. He often travels across the country to explore abandoned buildings and take photos. It is this area that most impressed the photographer.

In 70 years, the farm could be preserved and was not destroyed. The building from the outside looks quite residential.

The most interesting and at the same time frightening is the situation inside the house. It is filled with household objects and things as if there were tenants.

However, the decaying wallpaper and layers of dust indicate otherwise. The image develops as if the mansion had been abandoned one day, abandoning everything.

The facts suggest that the house found dates back to the 1950s. This is confirmed by the characteristic interior of the time and the diary, which dates from 1950.

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