Mother Raccoon Brings Her Babies to Visit Her Favorite Human

Recently Brittany Seidel bought a new house. The previous owners have been extremely considerate of the wildlife in the area.

“They told me sometimes the raccoon would go near the house,” Seidel said. “I was cooking dinner and she was literally knocking on the back door.”

Usually, Seidel didn’t feed the food to the local wildlife, but since the raccoons got used to it, she couldn’t resist continuing the ritual.

Roxy’s visits became more frequent; she started coming with her babies

“She starts coming to eat several times a day, not at night,” the woman said.

Now Roxy is like a member of the Seidel family: The woman even bought a small pool so she could swim and play in it

Participation in Roxy’s life even helped Seidel realize his own path.

Seidel’s life and the lives of people who enjoy seeing Roxy and her children online have been greatly influenced by their online presence.

Along with positively impacting the woman’s life, “she’s brought a lot of smiles to the internet,” the author said. Every day, I look forward to meeting her. She integrated into the family.

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