Miniature horse unable to use its hind legs runs for the first time after being fitted with custom wheels

Horses are majestic creatures, born to gallop and run freely. But sadly, not everyone can do it like this miniature horse who was born with a disability preventing him from using his hind legs. But that all changed when caring people provided the horse with a specially adapted wheelchair so he could run independently for the first time.

Turbo is a miniature horse whose mobility has been reduced since birth. According to Walkin’ Pets, he was born with two dislocated kneecaps, meaning his kneecaps weren’t forming the correct angle and he couldn’t put weight on his hind legs. He was adopted from the Road to Refuge farm shelter in North Haven, Connecticut. Co-founder Megan Pereira, a veterinarian who works with mixed animals, came up with the idea to create the sanctuary to save farm animals from euthanasia. I focus on special needs, broken cases, medically intensive cases, Megan explains.

When she heard Turbo’s story, she knew she had to take in this two-month-old miniature horse and give it a chance to grow. She said that despite the horse’s handicap, Turbo was a normal, fun-loving pony. After taking care of her medical needs, she began looking for ways to allow Turbo to walk independently. Walkin’ Pets, an organization that provides assistive devices to injured or disabled pets, heard Turbo’s story and lent a hand.

They drove to the farm and fitted Turbo with a personal wheelchair in hopes it would help the young horse walk again. In an instant, Turbo’s life changed. As soon as we tied him to the car, he ran. He was amazing, Megan said. When I saw Turbo “walking” unaided, pulling his legs to get into the car, I cried. I’m not one to cry, but I had tears streaming down my face. He was running, he was doing somersaults, it was very exciting.

Walkin’ Pets has not only helped Turbo, but has worked wonders with all kinds of animals, creating unique mobility solutions for animals like turtles and opossums. It’s such an inspiring story. Each animal should be able to move independently, and we know that a wheel of its own will change Turbo’s life forever.

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