In the UK, the number of owners of Mini Pigs is increasing. Miniature pigs don’t bark at postmen, they’re more affectionate, are considered smarter than dogs, and are easier to push to do certain things.

But before following the example of the British, you need to know one very important thing: mini-pigs often turn out to be not at all small pigs. Mini-pigis are livestock products. That is, they were brought in simply by constantly choosing the smallest pig in the litter, and then narrowing it down to the smallest pig of the opposite sex.

However, breeding is not 100% sustainable and there will always be a risk that your pig will disregard all the laws of selection and turn into a huge natural pig. And what will you do with him in a city apartment? Many sell such pigs on the farm, but the people, whom we will talk about below, fell in love with their pets so much that they could not part with them when a little pig vymahal a wild boar weighing more a hundred kilograms.

Karen Patterson, 50, lives with her husband John, 54, two adult children and a large pig named Poppet.

“Before, I was not a fan of pigs. We have four dogs in the house. But one day, at the end of 2016, I decided to remove the old bushes from our garden at home, then I joked that we had room for a pig. The joke resulted in us going with my husband to pick us a mini pig. There I saw the little Poppet pig and he immediately stole my heart.”

His parents were the size of a small dog, so Karen and her husband thought Poppet would grow the same way. They bought a pig for 650 pounds and then spent a lot more time processing paperwork for him. In order to keep the mini-pig house in Britain, you need to obtain a special permit, which takes into account the living conditions of the pig, its food and other details.

When poppet ran around Karen’s house for the first two months, he was so small he easily slipped through the cat door. And then it started to grow and everything grew and grew. At 18 months, he already weighed 114 kg!

With a flick of his muzzle, he could spin the Garden Tiles, flip the coffee table, or drop the kitchen stools. He tore up all his stuffed toys, and turned over all the flowerpots in the garden. According to Karen, they received several hundred pounds of damage from the pig. Especially when he damaged the garden fence.

Also, Poppet was very picky about food, he mainly eats green beans, and also likes sweets like profiteroles or cakes. Before Poppet became a huge pig, he slept in the house on a sofa with dogs. Now he is kept in a large cabin in the garden, which is heated in the winter, but he regularly uses the house.

But despite all the damage and inconvenience associated with such a large and clumsy pet, Karen and her husband John do not give the pig away, but continue to keep it in their home. They were very attached to Poppet and loved him.

“We all love him, like he’s still a little pig. His pranks that cause us so much damage aren’t dangerous, he’s just very playful.

These two big pigs live with Tanya Bridgman, who works as a teacher and riding coach. She lives with her husband near the town of Lincoln, in the east of England. The two pigs came to them from their friends who bought them as little mini pigs, but when the pigs grew into big animals, they could no longer keep them at home.

At home, Tanya lives and other animals, dogs and cats, but pigs are the most endearing of them. Tanya says that one night she woke up to the pig Olaf climbing into her bed and laying comfortably on her side.

Each of the pigs weighs around 100 kg and they grew up in a house where they were pampered and even dressed in different costumes. At first, Tanya’s husband wanted to accustom them to sleeping outside in a special aviary, but the pigs were perfectly tamed and it was a shock for them. Soon they took pity on them and allowed them to sleep at home, but in the summer the pigs always try to chase them into the yard, because they often steal different food from the kitchen.

Tanya and her husband have a house with a large garden, where apple trees grow, and one day in the fall, the Paloma pig ate fallen apples and started wandering around and got really drunk. She would stagger and fall, then still suffer from a hangover for a few days.

In addition to walking near apple trees, pigs regularly dig into the ground, and Tanya constantly struggles with this habit. But despite everything, they still love their unusual pets.

The only person who doesn’t like Olaf and Paloma is a local vet. All because one day when he came to inspect them at home, one of the pigs attacked his car and damaged the bumper.

Coquette Mavis

Eli Marriott, 37, is a businesswoman and owns disability support centers. She lives in Birdfordshire with her sons Reed and Oaks and a pig named Mavis.

“When I received Mavis in 2009 from a local mini-Pig breeder, she was no bigger than a Jack Russell Terrier dog and cost £200. It is now the size of a kitchen table and weighs over 200 kg.”

Eli says she named the pig Mavis after her late grandmother, whom she was very fond of and loved the pig too, despite its enormous size. No one could think that a small mini-pig would rush into such a mass.

The first two years, Mavis lived in the house and loved lying on the couch and watching TV with everyone. But then she got so big that she got stuck in the doors and was taken to Ali’s parents’ house, which is right next door. There’s a big house in the yard for Mavis, and Ali and his boys are there every day to play with the pig.

Ali says that Mavis is a very smart pig and she knows a lot of commands. And for some reason she likes people with red hair and often rubs against the feet of the local blacksmith, asking him to answer her.

Of course, Mavis, like any big animal in the house, regularly breaks things, but everyone is already used to it. The most important thing is to close all cabinets and drawers in the pig. Otherwise, she will go there and eat everything.

“Elmo even slept on my bed”

Claire Muirhead, 44, lives in Hardfordshire with her husband Paul and four sons. And with them in the house live four pigs Pablo, Kiwi, Percy and Elmo. In 2016 Claire acquired two mini piglets Percy and Pablo. She decided to take two at once, she liked them very much.

At the same time, the breeder honestly warned her that they can grow much larger than ordinary mini-pigeons. The fact was that the mother of these piglets was small in size. no bigger than the average dog, but the father was a Gloucester spotted breed, and they can be just plain huge.

Soon two more pigs Kiwi and Elmo appeared in Claire’s house. Elmo is the youngest, he came here last summer and is therefore the most “skinny” of all and the most spoiled. Claire’s four pigs quickly grew outside the standards of mini-pigs, but the woman did not think of abandoning them. The pigs were only transferred to live in the yard. But they still come regularly to the house, because they are used to the conveniences.

Pablo is the leader of the group, the alpha male, he leads everything, and the Kiwi is the smartest, he learned to sit on the team, because he knows he will get something delicious for it. Elmo was so spoiled that he slept in his bed with claire for a while, until he outgrew it.

Pigs like to roam around the house, and if you leave a bag of apples or potatoes in the kitchen unattended, they will pull it out and quietly eat it on the street. When pigs wreak havoc on the house, Kreer’s husband and sons argue with them, but according to Claire, they still love these mischievous animals.

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