Michael Jackson’s 56-year-old sister becomes a copycat of her famous late brother

Michael Jackson is an American singer and idol of millions who changed the history of pop culture. Died in 2009, he was known to have changed his appearance. He was a plastic surgery enthusiast.

Surgeons have repeatedly claimed that she had undergone at least a dozen plastic surgeries to alter the shape of her lips, cheekbones, chin and eye sockets. During the last two years of his life, he rarely appeared in public without a mask, but many believed that plastic surgery had damaged his nose.

Jackson himself has denied the plastic surgery claims. There is no doubt that he underwent surgery after breaking his nose. It is said that he also changed his face due to a skin disease.

It now appears that Janet Jackson, the musician’s younger sister, has become his successor. At the Bal de la Rose, fans were surprised to see him for the first time in a long time. First, Janet clearly doesn’t look 56. And perhaps the reason is not only genetics, but also the composition of an experienced specialist.

Second, Jackson’s nose has become much thinner than before, and the eye area has changed slightly. Her skin color has also lightened. But that might just be a well-chosen foundation. In any case, Internet users have noticed that he strangely resembles his late brother.

As a child, Janet Jackson was not attracted to show business, but she had no choice, her father decided everything for them. at the age of seven, he made his debut on the Las Vegas scene with his brothers and acted in several films. Series: He has released 11 albums, the last of which, Unbreakable, was released in 2015. When she was 18, she married musician James DeBarge, but they divorced a year later. Her second husband, a singer, was a dancer, and her third husband, a billionaire, gave birth to a son. As of 2017, Janet has not remarried.

By the way, Janet Jackson gained too much weight during pregnancy and after the birth of her son. However, he managed to lose 50 kg and his weight returned to normal.

Among other changes, she apparently also had plastic surgery. The main thing is that Janet is not as enamored with it as her famous brother.

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