Man Spots Bald Eagle Stuck In Traffic And Intervenes To Save Its Life

Dundon Miller chose a red and black flannel. He was about ten years old and wears it often, but he never thought the day would come when it would be used to save someone’s life.

On the way back, traffic slowed in front of Miller. After stopping his bike on the side of a one-way street, Mr Miller was shocked to discover the cause of the traffic jam.

Miller recounted: “I looked down to see why everyone had stopped and saw a bald eagle in the middle of the road.” He said.

Miller pulled out his favorite flannel and laid it over the huge animal, which was injured and unable to fly. Miller wrapped the eagle in the flannel and was amazed at the calmness of the eagle.

When I took him in my arms, he was very calm,” reports Miller. When other people started taking pictures, he got a little fidgety, but I was able to control him.

After removing the eagle from the road, Mr Miller called 911 and eventually contacted the local wildlife rehabilitation center. While waiting for the rescue team to arrive, Miller held

the 50 kg bird.

I didn’t think about it when I got it,” Miller admitted. I didn’t want to drop it or anything, I wanted to hold it or check it.”

Miller continued. It was just wonderful to have a calm and peaceful bird.

After a few days of treatment, rescuers hope the bald eagle will finally be released into the wild.

Miller’s favorite flannel has certainly seen better days.

Despite the hole in his arm, Miller understands the jersey is for the best reason and he will wear it again.

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