Man Gives Cold Stray Dog His Shirt On His Back After Pulling It Off His Back

For some people, this would seem like a minor gesture.

But there’s no denying how much it meant to this cold, lonely pup.

According to Gabriel, a Drone, he noticed a puppy Trembling with cold. That day was the coldest day of the year.

Gabriel, however, watched his brother undress in bewilderment.

Gabriel added: “I saw my brother take off his backpack and start recording. “He continued. He took off his sweater and his coat and threw his shirt on the dog who was really frozen. He just did it on the spot. It really touched me.

Here is a video of the incident:

Felipe didn’t think anyone would notice his wonderful act, but since then his brother’s video has grown in popularity.

Afterwards, Gabriel said, “I rarely post anything to my feed. Yet it deserves to be shared.

He handed the dog a shirt that happened to be one of his favorites and Felipe said, “It fits him better.”

The pup went further – no doubt he warmed up a bit thanks to the shirt and the love shown for him.

Felipe said he regretted not being able to do more for the dog that day, but he still hoped others could be inspired to help people like him.

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