Man Found Sick Puppy In Woods, Brought Him Home And Six Months Later He Is Unrecognizable

Sure, life can be very unfair to some of us, but it’s especially sad to see people hurting our little brothers and sisters who don’t deserve to be left behind. That’s exactly what happened to this poor pup who was left to fend for himself but was rescued just in time by a kind-hearted man.

A man called Goran Marinkovic lives in Serbia and loves animals with all his heart. He feeds and cares for homeless animals and takes care of the less fortunate little ones.

When Goran came to feed strays in March 2020, he got a little surprise: an abandoned dog was sleeping next to an old master. He had been thrown away as an unwanted object, alive surrounded by rubbish and looking terrible.

According to the man, the pup was sleeping next to an old trainer that the dog used as a place to hide from the weather.

I save animals that live on the streets and need help. I take care of animals because I love them. It doesn’t matter who I help, a cat, a dog or another animal says Goran.

It’s great to see that people love all animals and are ready to help them when they need it. This pup was very thin, clearly malnourished and had health issues. When the baby ate too much, the man picked him up and took him to the vet.

Golan feeds the abandoned animals, and every day he finds more and more. For example, he currently feeds a hundred cats and dogs, which you will agree is insane.

The man says: I feed animals that are abandoned in the street, others that are not and have no owner. Their number continues to increase.

It is sad to know that people so easily abandon their pets and leave them on the streets.

After the vet gave the dog all the necessary instructions, the man took him home, where he immediately recovered. Goran named him Smeden and helped him grow into a beautiful, healthy, happy dog.

The dog grew up surrounded by his brothers who did not harm the boy but took him into their pack.

Goran does his volunteer work for free. He usually does it alone, but sometimes he gets help from his friends.

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