Man Builds Custom Kayak So He Can Hit The Water With His Two Dogs

The time spent with your companion should be as satisfying as can be. Spending time of leisure and relaxation with your dog is a great time. And when it comes to enjoying the water with his golden retriever, one man has gone out of his way to keep his faithful companion happy. For David Benson, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont, the best things in life are traveling and kayaking with his dog. And in 2015, he found a clever way to combine the two. It’s about building a custom kayak specifically designed for dogs. David has turned the nose of the kayak into a dog-shaped hole that can’t fit one more person, but is perfect for his dog, Susie. He also added a removable ring to prevent water infiltration. My dog ​​always wants to ride with me, whether in the car, on my plane or on the boat. He stated . I thought it was a smart move to create a way for them to enjoy kayaking together.” Building the boat was still fun.

With a kayak for dogs, David can indulge in his favorite pastime with his faithful canines, while the lucky dogs get the rare opportunity to experience their favorite kayaking outings. They seem to like it. They get excited when we take the kayak out and make sure we go. We train them to get into the kayak on their own on command. They sit down and we leave. Sadly, Susie and Ginger passed away, but of course they were able to spend some special time with their beloved owners.

And since then, this special kayak has been passed down to a new generation. My wife and her friends still use the kayak and my wife still has our youngest golden, Piper. What a surprise. Dogs are very fond of kayaking on the water with their masters.

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