Loudest Dog in Shelter Suddenly Goes Quiet Upon Seeing His Owner

This goose has been barking and howling loudly for as long as the Adopt an Angel staff can remember. Jill Jones, head of Adopt an Angel, says. His barking is sure to win you a contest. Jones claimed that Hanwa’s barking reflects her emotions. Jones said.

She cries when she feels insecure or abandoned. When she’s quiet, she’s happy, the source said. However, by the time of his third rescue mission, Goose’s life had become more depressing than happy. At the time he was picked up, Goose was an injured puppy, barking to be separated from his mother. And when his first foster family took him in as an adult, the staff thought they were going to cry for him.

The young couple later adopted Goose again, but their bond ended prematurely. One of Goose’s parents brought Goose back to the shelter after they parted ways without telling each other. Jones said moved to Florida, so we didn’t know Goose was here in North Carolina. We didn’t even know he was there.

For the third time, the Goose’s cries grew louder. The staff thought the boy needed a forever home and immediately referred Goose to an adoption fair. A good friend of Goose’s father happened to be at the adoption fair, Jones said.

The man came across a goose that was missing an ear when it was young and immediately recognized it. Oh my God. He said. Jones said. Goose, what are you doing here? And he started texting Goose’s father.

Four days earlier, Goose’s father drove from Florida to North Carolina in search of the missing pup. Goose, who was usually the loudest at the shelter, was completely silent when he was found. I thought to myself, I know my friend is here, I don’t need to shout, Jones said. I scream for my friends. However, the vibrancy of the scene showed that Goose was happy to be reunited with his father.

After the reunion, Goose traveled to Florida for the first time with his father. Goose was given a permanent home by his grandfather and has lived there all his life. Jones says Goose enjoyed his time in Florida. He says Goose played with his canine friends and ran around his new fenced yard. JONES is happy to find that even though he misses the Goose, he no longer has any reason to be unhappy. He’s finally back to his family, Jones says.

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