Lifeguard Who Traveled For Hours To Rescue ‘Scared’ Stray Dog Ends Up With Him

Before being discovered, Rocky spent endless days exploring an abandoned construction site. The one-year-old dog, who was afraid of people, looked anxiously at the animal rescue manager, who was trying to gain his trust.

Rocky and Barth are together again, proving the power of their bond.

The man then made the long drive to the shelter, so that Rocky was safe and off the streets.

-Barth spent about an hour with Rocky, who was still very scared and locked up at the time,- Zindler said.

He actually calmed down pretty quickly once he befriended the dogs that lived there and felt safe.

While Rocky was waiting to be adopted several weeks later, the shelter surprised him with a visitor: Barth.

“He was just the cutest of them all,” Zindler says. “Rocky was then really out of his shell and going to people, but it was obvious he remembered the friend who fed him. He was wagging his tail, giving kisses and squeezing as hard as he could.”

But after a while it was time for Barth to leave. Fortunately, this resilient pup recovered immediately.

“He saw him go, but he was comfortable and happy and had bonded with his foster family by then,” Ms Zindler says. “So he had a wonderful visit with his friend, but he was also happy and satisfied in his foster family.”

Barth couldn’t adopt Rocky, but a nice couple did. The once stray dog ​​finally found his forever home in August. Rocky is looking forward to this new chapter in his life and will probably never forget Barth’s compassion.

He hugged and kissed them and seemed really comfortable around them, according to Zidler. We have already heard from him and he is now playing with the neighbour’s dog who is his new best friend.

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