Janice Hale from Florida decided to turn her garden into a playground for her tigers.

Janice Haley from Florida made the decision to turn her garden into a playground for her tigers.

When I hear the words magnificent creatures, I instantly think of lions, also delicate tigers and leopards, among other wild and deadly animals.
Janice Haley is so passionate about wild creatures that she quit her job to care for exotic animals such as tigers, leopards and lions.
Jandae was her first wild lion, introduced to her in 2002. Janicee got her next pet Saber.

Janicee has turned her yard into a big playground for her beloved pets.

Despite Janda’s 400-pound weight and Saber’s 600-pound weight, the warm-hearted woman described them as sensitive animals who liked to snuggle and play like other cats.

Janice was considered their mother. They played with her and also let her kiss them.

She can also rest with her adorable and massive pets.

Janice Haley agrees that wild creatures should live in their natural habitat, in the wild, but in some circumstances, like hers, that’s not possible.
He believes his tigers would perish in the wild, so keeping them in a cage is the best option.

Jandae and Saber received food 3 times a day from the hand of the owner. Janicee has enlisted the help of a few animal lovers and generous and compassionate people to help her with her incredible work.

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