Inseparable friends: a pigeon that doesn’t fly is friends with a puppy that can’t walk

As you know for friendship, there are no borders, it is subject to everyone: people and animals. And here is the proof of that, the Pigeon Herman and the puppy Chihuahua Lundy, they are inseparable from the first meeting. And they ended up at the Mia Foundation, an organization that helps animals with birth defects.

Today on we are going to tell you about two very different but very dedicated friends.

The Pigeon Herman has been in the Foundation for several years. It was found in a car dealership, it sat there for three days with no traffic. The Pigeon has been abducted and healed, but he can no longer fly.
Puppy Lundy is still very small, when he entered the Foundation he was only 4 weeks old, his weight was 140 grams.

Puppy from birth can’t walk, vets believe it’s because of spinal cord damage, and maybe in the future he’ll have to learn to move around using a wheelchair .
As Sue tended to Lundy, Pigeon Herman sat and watched. And then the woman decided to plant the puppy next to the bird. She followed them closely.

And they immediately tensed up. Friends really like to wallow and cuddle. Now they are not alone, because they have each other.

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