Incredible moment of a diver encountering a huge anaconda in a Brazilian river

Here is a truly dangerous encounter between a human and the biggest snake in the world that no one will ever think of. While anyone might consider it a professional diver’s most terrifying experience to encounter the giant green anaconda, for him it was a dream. Brave scuba diver and marine videographer Bartolomeo Bove had a wish to encounter the world’s biggest snake and so successfully accomplished it, although it can be a really crazy act.

Bove had always admired giant sea creatures like sharks and green anacondas, the largest snake in the world. Compared to sharks, which are commonly seen, these snakes are rare and can be seen in a few areas of the globe. Brazil’s Formoso River is one where Bove visited his friend and attempted to encounter the huge creature.

So they achieved their goal and here was the long awaited moment – ​​the incredible anaconda appeared in front of them and amazed at its huge size (23 feet long and about 200 pounds).

Although the green giant might look really scary and dangerous, the men said he behaved so calmly and indifferent towards them. Sometimes he approached them through the view of the camera but in reality was peaceful proving that it is not aggressive and violent for humans to harm them.

However, these creatures can really be threatening and terrifying to people and it is risky to be so close to them.

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