In Estonia, an icy dog ​​was rescued, which turned out to be a wolf

The other day, workers at the Cindy Dam on the Pärnu River (Estonia) saw an animal wading desperately in the middle of an icy river.

In appearance, the animal resembled a large dog and it was unclear how it got to this location, but the animal apparently needed help.

Together, the people managed to reach the dog and pull it down.

The beast, which looks like a large dog, is very wet and freezing, so she was wrapped in a cloth and then taken to the vet

In the car, the beast felt completely calm, so it continued to be considered a dog, despite its very large size and heavy weight. To raise the beast up the hill had to involve several people.

During the trip, one of the rescuers doubted for a few seconds that it was a dog, drawing attention to the animal’s paws. But because of the calm demeanor of the rescued, he dismissed these assumptions.

“He was calmly lying on my feet. When I lifted them to change posture, he just shook his head slightly.

In the veterinary clinic at first, too, nothing suspicious was noticed. However, the local hunter who happened to be there immediately dotted the “i”, claiming it was a real wolf.

The wolf was young, barely a year old, and in good health. He did not have hypothermia.

A representative from the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA) said the wolf had low blood pressure when he arrived at the vet, so maybe he didn’t show any aggression.

After vets warmed the wolf up and examined him, he was fitted with a special GPS collar and then released into the wild.

“We are very happy with the happy outcome of this story and want to thank everyone involved – especially those people who saved the wolf, as well as the doctors at the clinic who were unafraid to treat and examine the wild animal,” an EUPA spokesperson said.

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