In a moving video, a man meets the lions he saved after seven years apart.

The main predator of the herd is the mother lion. His superior intelligence, strength, and precision in his attacks make him a force to be reckoned with. A “lion catcher” managed to join him.

Kevin Richardson has made the study, management and documentation of African carnivores his life’s work. Seven years ago, he spotted two lion cubs in a ditch. An hour’s drive northeast of Johannesburg, South Africa, Kevin took them to his sanctuary. The sanctuary is designed to allow large carnivores to live in the wild, safe from humans.

Richardson says, “I really think if I hadn’t been able to get Meg and Amy back, they would have somehow ended up in the lion hunt.” The two mother lions quickly showed their great hunting skills.

Richardson remembers a time when the two female lions hunted, shared and talked like they would in the wild. One pulled the animal down and the other kicked it out. It’s what their DNA tells them to do,” he says.

Richardson created the sanctuary to “raise awareness, through education, awareness.

Richardson reunited with Meg, one of the lion mothers he had protected, which warmed his heart. Richardson was standing at the edge of the lake and Meg appeared to have chased away. He stopped at the edge of the water. He hesitated to go there because he didn’t know what was swimming under the water.

However, her trust in Richardson was proven when he jumped into her arms underwater. He gestured, called him and reassured him that he was in good hands. He could have easily injured or killed her with his “serious weapon”, but he preferred to lick her face.

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