‘I hope someone chooses me’: the moving words of a child who has been waiting for years for a family to adopt him

Having a family that loves you, cuddles you, wants only your good, feeds you and gives you a safe place to live is one of the most beautiful and authentic gifts that life can give us. But this extraordinary gift is by no means to be taken for granted; all over the world there are hundreds of thousands of orphaned children just waiting to be adopted by a loving family.

This is the story of Jordan, a 9-year-old boy from Oklahoma who is still waiting for someone to love him unconditionally…


Little Jordan from Oklahoma is 9 years old and his younger brother, Braison, was luckier than him. Although Jordan had lived his entire life waiting to be adopted, Braison was taken in by a loving family. This is why Jordan decided to make a call on a TV channel.

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” asked the reporter who interviewed him. The little boy replied, “At an adoption party to a new family.”

“What if we granted you three wishes,” the reporter asked: “To have a family, a family, a family. Those are the only wishes I have,” said little Jordan.

But after the heartfelt appeal on television, things seem to be looking up for Jordan: within hours, families in New Jersey, Florida, Illinois and Kentucky contacted the television station, expressing their desire to adopt him and give him the home he always dreamed of; since then, more than 5,000 adoption proposals poured in in less than 12 hours !

Jordan is ready to do anything to finally find a family who can love him like a real son, and we too hope with all our hearts that his dream can come true once and for all.

Courage, Jordan, we are all with you!


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