Human beings are not the only ones who deserve love! Animals also know what love is!

It’s not just people who aren’t rewarded with love alone.

Not only humans, but also wild animals have a cult. They can express their love for people who care about them, who save them, who don’t ignore them. And this little rhino has special feelings for a beautiful woman: as a teenager, Kaebelo lost his mother to poaching, when he was between 10 and 16 weeks old.

His beloved mother was killed by humans, but he holds no grudges. He fell in love with the vet who saved his life and began searching for her, eventually calling her “Mom.” After this tragic event, Kaebelo is transferred to Rhino Hospital. There she was lucky enough to meet someone who could comfort the unhappy, confused and frightened wild child.

The nurse had cared for many rhino children in her career, but she had special feelings for this newborn rhino.

They had deep and passionate feelings for each other. Laura understood what the baby, who had suffered a great loss, needed, and she comforted and loved him. Kabei expresses his gratitude by constantly hugging his beloved mother.

Laura feels good and complete with this crazy little creature who has the ability to feel love.

When she grows up she will return to the wild, but until then she needs all the attention, warmth and affection Kaebelo can give her.

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