How the giant tortoise with a crack in its shell was saved in San Diego

The African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) is a very large land reptile and is the largest of the African land tortoises. This kind of huge turtles live in Central Africa, but an injured one was suddenly noticed in the suburbs of San Diego. Maybe it was someone’s pet and it managed to escape into the wild. But the turtle was unlucky in the wild, a dog attacked it barking, and during the fright the turtle recoiled and fell from a height of 10 meters, badly splitting its shell.

A local resident saw this terrible scene and called County Animal Services. Service specialists, after examining the injured turtle at the clinic, found that its shell was cracked in three places and that it was also a 35-40 year old male.

The turtle received the nickname Humpty Dumpty (Humpty Dumpty). First, the cracked turtle shell was reinforced with screws and wire, then a special paste, epoxy resin was added to the cracks and wrapped with an elastic film.

Now the adorable turtle has to go through a long recovery period. The sweet creature feels healthy and calm now. The owner of the turtle has not yet been found. But we are sure that it will appear and the beautiful animal will return to its warm place as soon as it completes its healing process.

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