How is the most beautiful girl in the world today?

Tyrant Blonde became a famous model at the age of three, and at four she already had experience that ordinary models cannot boast of.

At the age of ten, she was invited to a photo shoot for Vogue magazine. The shooting was low-key and caused some scandal, but things calmed down when critics got to know Tilène.

It is not known when or by whom she was dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world”, but no one disputed it, and the title and model remained.

Now 19, Tilan still works as a model. From what we can see on her social media, she loves her job.

And she is popular and beautiful, constantly invited to photo shoots for world brands.

Thanks to many friends, at the age of 19, she had her own business – her own clothing line which was sold all over the world.

She likes to travel, has a dog and apparently has fun.

But we know nothing of his private life.

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