How have the actors of the series “Police Academy” changed after 37 years?

It’s hard to believe that the TV series “Police Academy” is already 37 years old. It was first released on screens in March 1984 in the United States. Funny jokes and memorable characters have long been ingrained in the memory of viewers.

According to the plot, the measures of the American city announced the recruitment in the Police Academy, everyone could get there and it is absolutely not important neither sex, nor the Constitution, nor education, c is what the whole band is built on.

Let’s see how the cast of the show has changed over 37 years.

Sharon Stone for the role of journalist Claire Mattson (63)

LOS ANGELES, USA. September 20, 2019: Sharon Stone at the premiere of “Judy” at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash

Before gaining worldwide fame, Sharon starred in “Police Academy” reincarnated as a reporter who was preparing a story about the city’s new project. But we saw this heroine only in part 4 of the series.

George Gaines for the role of Eric Lassard (1917-2016)

George Gaines played the good head of the Police Academy. Although his character was a bit naive, and sometimes stupid, the cadets respected the man. The actor did not become in 2016-M. He was 98 years old.

Steve Guttenberg for the role of cadet Carey Mahoney (62 years old)

He was one of the main characters of the “Academy”. After the series, Guttenberg became hostage to this role. At the moment, the actor rarely shoots, he devotes himself to production.

Kim Cattrall for the role of the youngest Karen Thompson (64 years old)

The beloved of the aforementioned hero was Karen Thompson. She was played by Kim Cattrall, who was not known at that time, thanks to this film, the actress was noticed by the directors of other projects.

George Bailey as Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris (76)

And remember the impulsive and resentful policeman who constantly smeared the recruits of this school. He was played by George Bailey. Now the actor is not filmed, he heads the “Foundation For Children of Light”, which takes care of children with cancer.

Marion Ramsey for the role of Cadet Laverne hooks (1947-2021)

POLICE ACADEMY, Marion Ramsey, 1984, (c) Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection

The actress managed to play the modest policewoman well. Maryson did not perform much, but she perfectly showed herself as a composer and singer, she wrote songs for many artists. Ramsey left in January 2021 at the age of 73.

Leslie Easterbrook as Sergeant Debbie Callahan (71)

We saw this heroine in all parts of the “Academy”. This beautiful woman conquered not only rookies but also experienced members of the school. At the moment, the actress pursues a professional career.

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