How do these Siamese twins live today, who separated at 4 years old!

In 2002, the birth of two daughters Kendra and Malia brought much joy to the family of Jake and Erin Herrin. This adorable day sparked two conflicting feelings: the adorable babies were conjoined twins. The couple were really happy with the birth of their daughters but they were also very worried about their future.

The inseparable twins lived as one soul and one body. but their parents wanted them to have their own so they decided to separate them when they were 4 years old. The girls only had two legs, and each was controlled by one of them. It was really difficult for the two babies to move with only one leg but they gradually adapted to it.

31 doctors were involved in the process of the operation. Soon, this rare disease of girls became the center of social media attention and they became little celebrities.

After this difficult period, the two sisters were able to overcome all the difficulties and live like normal people. They have become a wonderful example among their peers with their strong will and hope for the future. They have proven that there are no insurmountable situations. They are considered true heroines.

Now the twins are 18 years old. They live their whole lives. They have social media pages where they post the interesting moments of their lives encouraging and supporting people to admit who they are and feel good about their “flaws”.

It’s really wonderful to follow their daily life and admire their will and strength to achieve their perfect life.

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