Heroic Husky Discovers Abandoned Baby Crying Alone In Park

Cute husky Hel was seen as a godsend after rescuing a baby who was abandoned in a British park. Hel’s owner Terry Walsh was out walking his dog last weeks when he noticed a bundle of blankets hidden behind some bushes in Birmingham.

Suddenly I heard a baby crying, he said. Walsh, told Birmingham Live. I think it was Hal’s gentle caresses and the warmth of my hoarse body that woke the baby. According to a West Midlands Police press release, the boy was found wrapped in a blanket and believed to be a few hours old.

He was taken to hospital and staff report that he is in good condition. Authorities said he was named George because he was found on St. George’s Eve. This child is lucky to be alive. It could have been much worse. Walsh told Birmingham Live. The child could have died. He told the neighbors: God sent Hurrah to save a newborn baby. He said.

Finding George’s mother has been a major concern for police, who on Thursday released several photos of the baby in the hope they could help in the search. We are looking for George’s mother. You are my main concern right now, I just want to make sure you’re safe.

Inspector Neil Hunter said in a statement: I don’t know the circumstances of George’s birth, but as a parent I know full well how stressful parenting can be. We stand ready to offer all the help and support we can. George is safe and sound. Your health and well-being are our priority.” Don’t worry, he’s not in distress.

Before George was found, CCTV footage showed a woman walking near the scene. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying him. At least Walsh is glad Hal is a good friendly dog.

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