Her father asks her not to reveal that he is a garbage collector: she shows everyone a photo full of love and pride

We sometimes think that the work and a person’s social position are things directly related to their success, maturity and happiness. In a society where looks are everythingwe let ourselves be carried away by the need to “appear” perfect, rich and with a great career in order to feel fulfilled.

In fact, you just have to stop for a moment to realize that these beliefs are actually empty and superficial. Fortunately, there are often stories — like the one we’re about to tell you — that can teach us something valuable about life. The protagonists are a young Iranian woman and her humble fatherwho is a garbage collector by profession.

We have defined this “humble” man, but his humility is not, and never has been, synonymous with inferiority. On the contrary: this father has always earned his living by the sweat of his brow, working to ensure a better future for his loved ones. And her hard work paid off, as her daughter became a consummate professional. Despite this, the man never really tolerated his condition, which is still a source of shame for him.


Fearing that his daughter would be ashamed of him and his position, the man asked her for the favor of don’t tell anyone about your job, so that it is not exposed to possible laughter or mockery. The girl responded with a photo and words that quickly went viral.

“My father is a garbage collector, he is my pride. I love you dad”. A few simple words, accompanied by a photo of her kissing her dad in work clothes. An image and a description worth more than a thousand words, for the pride and emotion they convey. After the young woman shared the photo on the web, many were the comments of admiration and compliments of people from all over the world.

While struggling day in and day out is certainly not easy for this Iranian father, we can be sure that his daughter’s reaction showed everyone that she was brought up with strong values ​​and principles, far from sordid prejudices. All work has its dignityeven the humblest, and it’s never too late to tell the world.


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