He asks his neighbor where her husband is, but she replies that he is no longer there: he abandons everything and runs to hug her.

Aldon O’neill Ward III has become the “best neighbor in the world” thanks to a gesture of human simplicity that has touched the whole neighborhood and even beyond. Aldon is the kind of smiling man who puts you in a good mood just by his presence. Always kind and generous, Aldon stood out in the neighborhood as a good neighbor. Aldon always says hello and is happy to chat with someone outside his driveway, even when he doesn’t know his neighbor’s name.

Since 2011, for example, he has always greeted an elderly couple in his neighborhood who passed by his house whenever they decided to take a walk. One day, however, he noticed that the woman was walking alone and looked distraught: that day Aldon came out into the street to hug “a stranger” and bring her comfort.


Aldon could not imagine that the lady he had seen walking for years on her husband’s arm had just lost the love of her life. When he saw her pass by his house, Aldon was busy watering his garden and, as usual, at the sight of this sweet lady, he raised his arm to greet her.

The woman answered and the young man asked her politely and amusedly, “Where did you leave your beloved today ?”

The woman shook her head with a look of desolation – a reaction people about to deliver bad news often have. “He is not anymore”replied the woman in tears. Aldon’s heart stopped when he heard the woman say those words, and without even thinking twice, he put down the garden hose and ran as fast as he could to kiss her.

He didn’t know her name at all, but she could have been his grandmother or his mother, and his gesture seemed decidedly spontaneous: a person needed comfort and that was all that mattered. The woman felt a little better thanks to Aldon’s hug and went on to say, “I’m trying to do what we were doing together…I needed it so badly.”

This Woman’s Heart Was Broken After Her Beloved Husband’s Death, But At Least We Know There Will Always Be Someone Who Will Listen To Her And Hug Her In Times Of Need .


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