Happy story of 3 kind shelter cats who were welcomed into the same family at the same time

Violet was only a few weeks old when she was found on the street with a damaged paw and a sore eye. At the animal shelter, it was determined that Violet suffered serious injuries, caused by a predator attack.

Additionally, Violet suffered from an eye infection severe enough to have an eye removed, as well as a serious respiratory infection.

The eye was eventually treated, but Violet’s legs were not successfully treated and had to be amputated. The kitten did not tolerate the operation well and could no longer be treated alone. She was meowing loudly in her cage at the clinic, in pain and loneliness. That’s when volunteer Nadiya heard her.

I went to see who was crying so hard and found Violette barely standing on three legs. I took her in my arms and she immediately snuggled up to me, meowing. She came home with me later that day.

Violet gradually got used to life on three legs. According to Nadya, the kitten was walking around the apartment, often falling, getting up, taking a few steps and falling again. And she still needed further treatment for her eyes and her infection.

Violet took three weeks to recover, and the problem was getting used to living on three legs.

I have never met such a calm, friendly and affectionate kitten before. She seemed genuinely happy that we had saved her and given her a second chance.

Then Violet met her kitten companion, Logan. He is limping because his broken front leg is not healing well and his elbow is not bending.

Violet immediately grew attached to Logan and protected him. Since meeting him, she has opened up and become more active, playful, adventurous and curious.”

Violet and Logan don’t just play together, they also lie next to each other and cuddle. For cats, this is mutual trust at its best.

“Then, after a few weeks, we decided to find owners who took them in two by two, because it was no longer possible to separate them.

But while Logan and Violet searched for such an owner, another shelter cat, Dexter, joined them. Dexter, a black and white male, was still young but older than Violet and Logan, and despite the age difference, the two became inseparable.

Finding an owner for all three cats at once was not going to be easy. Nevertheless, Violet and her family were lucky. Logan (renamed Fry) and Violet discovered that Dester was a friend of theirs and decided to adopt him themselves.

All three now live in a private home in Sarasota and enjoy a quiet life.

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