Grieving Cat Visits Owner’s Grave Every Day for a Year and Refuses to Leave

It’s amazing how loyal our pets can be, even when we’re not around. Dogs in particular are known for their unwavering loyalty: from Argos, Odysseus’ hound, to Hachiko, the world is filled with stories of dogs that remained loyal to their masters to the end. But what about cats. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but cats are considered cold and insensitive.

However, a heartbreaking story shows that cats can show undying love for their masters and even cry for them when they’re gone. A man named Keli Keningau Prayitno once saw a cat that came back to the same spot every day, lying on a piece of land in Central Java, Indonesia. He discovered a heartbreaking fact: the cat was going to the grave of its former owner, a deceased elderly woman.

The cat had been living at the cemetery since her mother died, Keli told the Mirror. She didn’t want to go home. For more than a year, the cat went to the cemetery every day. keli tried to adopt the cat and other people gave her food and water. But the cat refused to go with the others – she only wanted to stay with her former owner.

Keli said the old lady’s children would continue to care for the cat, but the cat insisted on going to the cemetery. Then the cat went back to the same place,” Keli said. He was sleeping there and meowing.

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