German Shepherd Has Emotional Reunion With Owner She Kept Alive During Stroke

Brian Myers’ life was saved by the dog he rescued a few months ago. And their meeting after Myers was released from the hospital was even more emotional than when they first met.

Myers rescued her 6-year-old German Shepherd, Sadie, after she was transferred to the Ramapo Bergen, New Jersey animal shelter. Shelter staff had difficulty welcoming Sadie because she was nervous in front of the men and defending herself.

“[Elle était] a bit confined when she first arrived and she wasn’t sure what was going on,” Heather Centrella, director of the front office at ramapo animal shelter – Bergen, told Dodo. “She became a bit confined to a shelter, so we knew she would need an experienced home with someone patient.”

It only took 30 minutes for Myers to decide he wanted to take Sadie home after they met.

The problems she was supposed to have with men seemed to melt away.
“She jumped in my car and a strong bond was established between us. I was able to work through the issues she was having and promised to give her the home and love she deserved,” Myers wrote in a Facebook post.

“She kept licking me and crying, so I reached out with my right hand to stroke her, then I grabbed her necklace,” Myers told The Washington Post.

Myers had no idea that Sadie would be responsible for rescuing her a few months later.
The couple was enjoying a typical night at home when Myers suddenly had a stroke. He felt nothing on his left side and felt between the bed and the wall.

“It was really scary — I couldn’t get up and in that moment I didn’t realize I had had a stroke,” Myers said. “My cell phone was on a dresser about 15 feet from me, but I couldn’t reach it.”

Sadie rushed into the fight and licked her dad in the face to try and make him feel it.

The dog refused to move away from him.
She continued to call for help in the hope that the neighbors would hear her. Myers reached out to grab her necklace and was very surprised at what happened next.

Sadie then used all her strength to drag her dad across the room so he was closer to his phone.
“She wasn’t trained as a service dog, but she was desperate for what was going on and she could tell I was in trouble,” he said. “I don’t know how she did it, but she knew it.”

Myers was able to reach his phone and call for help. Doctors at the hospital told Myers that Sadie was likely responsible for saving his life.

Sadie stayed with Mayer’s family while her father spent time in the hospital and later at a rehabilitation center.
“They’re arranging FaceTime, which he says embarrasses her a bit because she wants to go see her dad and cry,” Centrella said. “But he assures her that he is doing everything in his power to get home to her as soon as possible so they can reunite.”

When that day finally arrived, he was extremely happy.

Myers cried when Sadie rushed into his arms and covered his face with kisses.
“It was the best decision I’ve ever made to adopt him,” Myers said. “I really feel like it was meant to be.”

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