German Shepherd found alive after being lost in the Pacific Ocean for 5 weeks

This is a story of a dog who went missing and was found after 5 weeks alive and well.

Luna was with her owner, Rick Haworth, on a fishing boat when the accident happened and Luna fell overboard. Nick searched the area for two days and found no sign of a dog.

“He insisted that she was 90% sure she got to land because she was such a strong swimmer,” said Sandy De Munnik, public relations officer at Naval Base Coronado.

But miraculously after a month the Moon was found on San Clemente Island. The AP reports this has drawn attention as pets are not allowed on the island for environmental reasons. Crew members arrived, opened the car door and whistled, and Luna jumped inside, reports the Tribune.

It is believed that the dog swam ashore and survived by feeding on mice on the island. She was examined by a wildlife biologist at the San Diego Zoo, who said she was “perfectly healthy except for a bit of malnutrition”. The biologist then informed Haworth of some unexpected news. “He was stunned,” De Munnik said. “He was so happy, grateful and excited.”
To learn more about this incredible rescue, watch the video below!

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