German Shepherd and Sick Baby Elephant Form an Unbreakable Bond

Many animals rely on their respective herds to keep them alive when it comes to surviving in the wild. This is especially true for elephants; they thrive on the love and compassion of their peers.

For one elephant, his many illnesses and intolerance to milk forced the herd to abandon him in order to continue. Without help, her life seemed bleak.

For an elephant named Ellie, luck was about to change. When rescuers brought her to the shelter, they introduced her to an unusual friendship that would change her life.

Duma, a former maid and German Shepherd sleuth, proved to be Ellie’s most important resource in life. They quickly created an incredible bond destined to last a lifetime.

Despite drastically different behaviors and mannerisms, Douma and Ellie can bond as they play and run around the field together.

Thanks to this friendship, they became practically inseparable. Ellie’s behavior has changed dramatically and he can now enjoy life knowing he has a friend by his side.

It’s truly amazing to see two incredible beings come together in an uplifting unity. Nature knows no bounds and this friendship is a true testament to that.

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