Frederick the Great is a horse considered one of the most beautiful in the world

Mother nature creates amazing things. Endless, you can admire the majestic mountain ranges or stunning starry nightscapes. But when Frederick the Great appears amidst all this beauty, everything fades.

Frederik the Great (Frederik the Great) is an incredibly beautiful Friesian horse from the Ozark Mountains in the central United States, he is considered one of the most beautiful stallions in the world.

It was named in honor of the historic 18th century Prussian monarch.

This animal has captured the hearts of many people with its curly mane and black hair.

The photos of Frederick the Great went around the network, they were re-posted by thousands of people. Everyone admired the beauty of this wonderful horse: muscular body, shiny wool, smooth black mane that developed so harmoniously in the wind.

This is how he became the most beautiful stallion. As his mistress, Frederica says, he has always had a lot of fans around the world.

The woman says he knows how handsome he is.

He likes to be at the center of the competition. “He comes alive when he’s in the arena or when he’s being photographed.

You know, it’s like the behavior of celebrities: they behave differently at home and under camera flashes,” Nazario said.

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