For 8 years, the squirrel knocked on their door. And one day, she was discovered…

After Brantley Harrison and his family rescued an injured squirrel in 2009, they released him back into the wild and never expected to see him again.

But after 8 years, the squirrel, whom they named Bella, comes almost every day to visit her, as long as there is food for her, of course. In 2009, a squirrel named Bella was attacked by an owl. The furry animal was at her death when the Brantley Harrison family took her to their home in South Carolina and cared for her for a long time.

In the family, Bella was treated as one of its members and was fed a special diet of fruits and nuts. Bella lived in the Harrison home until the spring of 2010, when she fully recovered.

And this is the day Bella said goodbye and released her back into the wild. But the thing is, Bella never got far. In fact, she still visits her human family as often as she can, even though eight years have passed since her rescue.

The most surprising thing is that eight years after leaving the Harrisons’ house, Bella came back to their rescue with a damaged paw. It turned out that, on top of that, Bella was pregnant. Bella stayed with the family for a month.

In other words, not only did she remember who helped her through a difficult time, but she decided to return to share a new stage of her life with people. “It’s really amazing to watch the kid I raised raising his kids,” Brantley Harrison says.

Animals are truly extraordinary, and this story shows just how strong the bond between man and animal can be.

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