Feline Celebrity: The 5 Most Popular Cats In The World

The internet is ruled by seals! Who does not know this banal truth. So far, no animal has been the center of attention of users of the World Wide Web. And their leading positions, these furry creatures are not going to give up. And even among them there are real celebrities. So, we present to you “Celebrity” from the feline world, whose photos garner thousands and thousands of likes.

Lil Bab

Lil Bab gained popularity in 2012 on Facebook. The animal is distinguished by a rare dwarfism gene. This is what made Fluffy so famous. He is an incredibly funny and funny cat. Lil Baba has virtually no lower jaw, so the tongue is always on the outside. There are a lot of things with Lil Baba’s image that are incredibly popular in the West. They can be ordered in a special online store.


Homeless two-faced beauty-cat was quite a kitten, when her mistress picked up a small meowing and weak creature. She is called her Chimera. She is extraordinarily beautiful, because she became the heroine of many professional photo shoots, which brings her mistress a lot of money.


Who doesn’t know Grampy? Live Internet is a meme that people actively use in life because its facial expression sometimes better describes the course of events. In fact, the cat’s name is Tardar and he lives in the United States, in Arizona. Tardar has already managed to star in two commercials for cat food, two books have been written about him. In a still disgruntled chat they even invented a drink called “Grampiccino”. He even has his own Facebook page.


This aristocratic cat named Hamilton is a true gentleman. His stunning appearance with stunning whiskers has captured the hearts of millions of seal lovers. But once he was saved from a life of shelter. At the moment, Hamilton is a “model” and acts in commercials.


The worst cat on the planet! This red “Buka” lives in Turkey. And it also became an internet meme. But the most interesting thing is that in fact he is a very kind and cute cat!

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