Donkey smiles after being rescued

This donkey was rescued from floods in Ireland and kept smiling. He said he was happy to be safe.

He was rescued by a yacht club member. fsrn reports that the woman posted a message asking for help. The animal escaped from a barn in Killorglin. The door was damaged due to bad weather.

The next morning, the donkey was found in a field surrounded by deep water, after the nearby river had flowed out. The donkey was found by Mike Fleming, a member of the Killorglin Rowing Club. Together with a rescue team from the Animal Welfare Center, they managed to pull the donkey to shore. Ropes and life jackets have been installed around it.

A spokesperson said the donkey was named Mike. After being rescued, he was given shelter where he could stay while the barn was cleaned.

He is now eating hot, dry porridge and warming himself with a towel.” “The vet has seen him and is giving him antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.”

The vet said there was a small amount of fluid in one lung which will hopefully return to normal.

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