Dog Born With Short Spine And No Neck Finds A Family To Love Him As He Is

This is the story of a unique dog who fought for his differences and finally found a home and very loving owners.

The dog with the first name Cooper has a genetic condition called “short spine syndrome” therefore the animal has a segmentation defect of the cervical somites.

”It seems to us that the dog has no neck and to look back he has to turn his whole body.“

This seemingly unique dog had a difficult start to life. He was likely originally from a puppy farm in Halifax, Virginia, and was abandoned due to a birth defect.

Cooper used to have a house, but he didn’t stay there very long because he liked to hunt their cats.

But soon Cooper found his perfect home with Ellie Keegan and her family. While everyone thought that because of his dispute he should be euthanized, Elle treats dogs with other abilities with a warm heart and strives to give Cooper all the love and help he needs. need.

At first, the dog had several medical issues, including a fall that broke his neck in five places and a bone infection.

But in other ways, Cooper’s condition has improved. Ellie says that due to a birth defect, he always had an “ass on his back”, but after the operation it became easier for him to go to the bathroom on his own.

All dogs deserve love and care. We are so happy that Cooper now has a perfect home where he is loved for who he is.

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