Destructive puppy that cannot be left home unsupervised

Blaze is an eight month old dog who lives with his owner in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Blaze is a real little hurricane. During the months he lived at the home of Kelly Davidson, 38, and her son Cameron, he destroyed countless sheets and rolls of toilet paper, as well as expensive toiletries, mattresses and a sofa. worth £2,500.

He gets away with all that destruction because, according to his housekeeper, “Blaze is too cute for you to blame him. Yet the media has called the bulldog Britain’s most destructive dog.

The dog’s last reckless attack was a week ago, when he tackled the striped sofa in the living room, ripping out all the upholstery in the space of an hour and a half. Kylie wasn’t home at the time; she had been at the hairdresser’s for several hours.

She was still there when her 19-year-old son Cameron came home from work and sent her pictures of the wreckage in the living room. There was a velvet sofa on the floor with torn upholstery.

The fire couldn’t let go for a minute. He had even managed to gnaw through the wall of the wooden chest of drawers. Kelly herself is not saddened by this destruction. She admits she hates it, but you can buy a new sofa, but you can’t buy such a cute and funny dog.

We take him for walks twice a day and the house he lives in is quite spacious.

But this dog has a lot more energy than all the other dogs and puppies in the litter.

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