Deer Visits A Gift Shop Then Returns Later With His Young Children

The Christmas season is just around the corner and for most people shopping is one of the first things to do. And, as it turned out, this mother venison is no exception either. Laurie Jones works at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park, a scenic vacation spot nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, where the store sells gifts and homewares. Wildlife sightings there are by no means unusual, but one recent visitor particularly stood out.

This week, the wild doe suddenly appeared at the door while Jones was working in a store. Sometime later, as Jones watched in shock, a curious deer entered the store as if it were another customer browsing the shelves.

Jones said it was fun. She focused on potato chips and sunglasses. I laughed hysterically.

This deer is no stranger to Jones. She is the matriarch of a family known to live in the area, sometimes crossing the territory to the nearby field where they graze. However, never before had a deer entered the building (and besides, she showed no interest in shopping).

Assuming the deer simply got lost, Jones decided to take it outside, luring it into a field with a peanut bar in hand.

And that was it — or so Jones thought.

She was wrong. According to Jones, about 30 minutes later, the deer reappeared with its entire family. “I go out and find it there while I’m taking inventory at the office. This time she brought her Twins with a young man she adopted as her own.”

The children gathered at the door to wait. Jones made it clear.

“They were just standing at the door and saying ‘can we come in too? “I said no.” Jones It was really funny.

No one knows why the deer took such an interest in the store that day (but rumors of freebies may have played a role). Jones, however, didn’t want to welcome them too warmly because they were wild creatures.

She then grabbed another peanut bar and lured the mother and her children to the field. Jones often forbids feeding the animals, but she made the decision to do so to acknowledge their collaboration. Jones then clapped his hands to send the deer back to the nearby forest. When they ran away, she said, “Bring your kids home.”

Jones remarked “”it was just a beautiful sight.” The number of animals here is simply amazing. Anyway, we all have: mountain lions, snow rams, deer, raccoons. They are given to themselves. It’s nature. Still, I think they’re all fantastic.

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