Danish woman refuses to shave her mustache and unibrow and accepts herself as she is

About a year ago, Eldina Jaganzhak, a 31-year-old Copenhagener, decided to stop shaving her face. She wanted to go against public standards of beauty, as she was increasingly outraged that unlike women and men, they weren’t asked to shave at least one hair off their bodies.

Eldina stopped waxing her eyebrows and upper lip hair in March 2020 and soon realized that her personal feeling hadn’t changed – she still felt feminine, regardless of the “extra” hairs.

Naturally, her appearance did not go unnoticed, and, unfortunately, she had to deal with the rudeness of men. Some people tell her directly to shave, while others stare at her.

The girl herself believes that this appearance helped her get rid of conservative people with whom she still does not want to communicate.

Now Eldina is surrounded only by those who don’t care about her looks and care about her as a person.

“I used to complex when my hair started actively growing in my youth. At the age of 13-14, my girlfriends started freaking out and started shaving as long as they were considered feminine. And I’ve always been outraged that women have to spend so much money and time to become as beautiful as society expects of us. I also couldn’t go to the gym with unshaven legs or unplucked eyebrows. But now I focus on what I want to accomplish, not how I look. If someone doesn’t like me, I don’t care — those people are just passers-by in my life.”

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