Cute Dog Bruno, Who Walks 4 Miles Every Day To Greet Townspeople, Becomes A Local Legend

Dogs are people’s best friends. They are very kind beings and they have a big heart for everyone.

People admire their devotion and unconditional love, gentle care and friendly demeanor. They fill the lives of their people with joy and happiness.

Bruno is a special dog who gives his love and kindness to everyone.

It’s no secret that all dogs like to walk, to be surprised. They love adventure.

Bruno, a living legend, does it for a reason: he walks 4 miles every day from his home in Longueville to greet everyone in town.

The friendly dog ​​has been doing this for over 12 years.

Obviously, Bruno was a stray before he was adopted. His owner, Larry LaValley, very rarely saw him in his driveway.

When he saw a little puppy, he immediately fell in love with him. He adopted it without hesitation.

Larry, after learning about the daily adventures of his friendly dog, attempted to end this strange habit. He was worried about Bruno, because during this trip he could have been run over by a car.

But he did not succeed. So he had to accept his dog’s daily routine, allowing him to make his daily trips.

Everyone in Longueville knows Bruno. His favorite places that he usually visits are the library, offices, ice cream parlors, grocery stores, and city hall.

People meet him kindly with delicious food and warm hugs. Bruno is a universal friend.

He is so famous and loved by all that the community decided to sculpt his statue.

Please watch the video below with this adorable and friendly dog!

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