Why Iron Arnie’s favorite was his illegitimate son Joseph.
Not every media person is ready to admit their illegitimate children. Moreover, a few will be involved in raising and being proud of offspring born outside of an official
Why the heart attack was the best event in life for Antonio Banderas.
A few years ago, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack . Of course, there is little pleasure in a heart attack. However, for the actor, who turned 62 in the summer, this
Demi Moore corrected unsuccessful plastic surgery and looks young again.
Fans of Demi Moore joke that the star managed to find a way to turn back time. In fact, in recent years it seems as if the beautiful actress is aging
Bruce Willis appeared on camera for the first time since he was diagnosed with dementia.
Bruce_Willis’s_celebration was a success! I agree, it is very strange to write like this about an event in the life of a person who is steadily being undermined by
Why is the public going crazy about Pax, the son of Jolie and Pitt?
Recently, the press has been discussing Angelina Jolie’s numerous children much more than, in fact, the actress herself. Even the stubborn paparazzi are tired of Angie’s ongoing battle against
Why people admire Affleck and Garner’s eldest daughter.
Gone are the years when we were touched by the children’s antics of the heirs of popular film actors. The artists have grown gray and mature, and their sons
Angelina Jolie was spotted on a date with the heir to the Rothschild dynasty.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorced on April 12, 2019. But after the separation, the former spouses plunged headlong into the maelstrom of numerous lawsuits. Neither Brad nor Angelina had time
Jennifer Garner showed what her grown son with Ben Affleck looks like.
Jennifer_Garner is a mother of three_children. All of them were born in a marriage_with Ben Affleck. And although the couple is not together now, the parents_are-trying to raise
How Brendan Fraser paved the way for Dwayne Johnson to wealth and fame.
When Brendan Fraser won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2023 for The Whale, Dwayne Johnson applauded him loudest in the audience. Many were at a loss, trying to understand what connects the
No longer chubby: what a grown-up Harper Beckham looks like today.
The legendary David Beckham has a rather unusual hobby for a football player . The famous athlete simply loves to cook! Moreover, judging by the comments of friends of the Beckham family, David is