Beckham’s mistress insists that he cheated on his wife not only with her.
You’ve probably already heard about the acclaimed documentary about the Beckham family, haven’t you? This is not surprising, because according to official data from the streaming company Netflix alone, the story
“Show the child to the doctor!” Why Paris Hilton’s son’s appearance scared people.
As you probably know, many celebrities are the subject of ridicule among Internet users. What can we say, caustic comments even reached Keanu Reeves . However, today the target of haters is
He can’t tear himself away from his mother’s skirt. How Bradley Cooper’s mother ruined his personal life.
Admiring female fans often idealize Bradley Cooper. Well, he’s talented, handsome, rich. But even what at first glance seems ideal is usually not so. Even the flawless Cooper has his flaws. It
At night, a thief snuck into the Beckhams’ house and ransacked one of the bedrooms of their mansion.
The other day it became known that David Beckham’s house was robbed, and this happened at the end of February. It seems that the ex-football player did not want
Meryl Streep secretly divorced her husband after 45 years of marriage.
As it became known, Meryl Streep secretly divorced her husband. It is worth noting that the marriage of the star of the film “The Devil Wears Prada” lasted for
Why did the sons of the legendary Alain Delon go all out?
The name of Alain Delon has not left the front pages of major magazines in recent months. The news that the French cinema legend intends to undergo euthanasia is
Why Brooklyn Beckham was condemned for deciding to take his wife’s surname.
Some couples, even before the wedding, are faced with the question of what to do with their last names after marriage. Of course, most often the wife takes her
“From duckling to swan.” How Salma Hayek’s daughter has changed with age.
Although Salma Hayek gave birth to a child quite late, she did not regret it for a second. The actress really wanted children from her loved one, and at
Why 57-year-old Monica Bellucci is only glad that she is not getting younger.
Many people only dream about the success of Monica Bellucci . But no matter what heights the Italian legend reaches, she prefers not to stop. So, Monica decided to try herself in a
“She shouldn’t be pumping herself up like that.” What 54-year-old Nicole Kidman looks like now.
For many fans, Nicole Kidman has been the standard of female beauty for many years. Of course, she is no longer 18 and the years are taking their toll. But