Woman taking out trash finds puppy waiting for someone to notice
Recently, Stray Dog Rescue in St. Louis, Missouri received a call about an abandoned puppy near a public restroom. The frightened pup was shaking in grief – until
Woman finds elderly Lab sleeping outside with a sweet note taped above her bed
There’s nothing quite like making a stranger smile. That’s why Connie, a Lab veteran from Brighton, UK, likes to sit outside his house every day and wait for
what does a girl born with hair look like today?
A few years ago, Bulgarian Denitsa Kaneva became the mother of an unusual girl. Gabriella was born with black hair so dark that even experienced doctors said they
archival footage of still very different stars
Today we have selected an archive of photos of your icons from another era of fashion. See how well they turned out. Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Jeniffer
A wild fox befriends a little kitten by the window
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Lopez, 52, showed off makeup
A few days ago, the famous singer D. Lopez posted on her social networking site a very interesting video in which she appeared without makeup. The star appeared
The dog was spotted rummaging through the trash
A dog finds a puppy in a trash can and becomes its mother. A Brazilian city police officer leaving his home noticed something quite trivial. A neighbour’s dog
Jennifer Aniston, 52, without makeup, charmed Internet users
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The dog sees his sister trying to break the rules and decides to help her
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J. Lopez, 52, wowed her fans with her figure in a figure-hugging dress.
The incomparable D. Lopez recently posted a gorgeous photo on her Instagram page that has gone viral. In this photo, she is wearing a snow-white bodycon dress, open