Penelope Cruz in asymmetrical black mini appeared in Madrid
Penelope Cruz is out in the Spanish capital. The actress wore a minimalist look to the event. Penelope was spotted at the opening of Lancôme’s first pop-up shop
how Princess Diana was a fashion icon when the Jenner sisters were just learning to walk
Princess Diana is, without exaggeration, the most famous sovereign in the world and her life until today is of real interest. Indeed, it is fascinating to learn how
how does a 17-year-old girl weighing 10 kg live with a rare disease?
Kennady Jourdan-Bromley is 17 years old but weighs just over 10 kg. The reason for this is a rare condition called proto-dwarfism. When the girl’s mother became pregnant,
Who was the most beautiful woman on the planet before cosmetic surgery?
Bella Hadid is considered by scientists to be the most beautiful woman in the world, because her features are as perfect as possible. At such a young age,
Bellucci, 57, dances a passionate tango, showing off her stretchy muscles
Monica Anna Maria is the screen star’s full name. The actress rightly became a sex symbol in her younger years, thanks to her beautiful face, gorgeous figure and
Bellucci amazed everyone with a new photo of her with a cosmic silhouette
One can endlessly argue about female beauty ideals, body size, etc., but one can also just look at Monica Bellucci, who looks absolutely stunning in all her outfits.
Ben Affleck satisfied on a walk with his mother was caught by paparazzi
The actor has already earned a reputation as Hollywood’s big “sad” for his absent and detached appearance. When Ben dates his stunning wife Jennifer Lopez, he looks like
the fate of the baby found under the rubble in Turkey
There is still room for miracles in life. The name of a little girl found under the rubble in Turkey some time ago can be translated as “miracle”.
how the Blast from the Past star looks 25 years later
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What does she look like now?
Sofia Goth played a flight attendant in The Fifth Element. Let’s see what she looks like today. The future star was born in Sweden. It is not known