Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom showed off their 3-year-old daughter for the first time at the singer’s concert: cute video.
A special_guest_visited_Katy_Perry at the final show of her Las_Vegas_residency. During the performance, the singer took a moment to greet her 3-year-old daughter_with_Orlando_Bloom. “Daisy, I love you so much. You
“For the sake of money or an apartment?” A special guy showed off his wife in a wedding dress.
A special TikToker, Vladislav Petrovich, married a beauty named Yulia. The guy boasted of his beautiful wife in a wedding dress in photos from the wedding, however, he received
14 years ago a woman gave birth to 8 children at once. What do the children of the heroine mother look like now?
This woman gave birth to 8 children at once due to a medical error, but first things first. The relationship between Nadya Suleman and her husband went wrong in
A brave man with a kind heart saved the lives of more than thirty puppies
Bobby Humphrey’s favorite breed was the Rottweiler. In his life, the man had three Rottweilers and he laughed at anyone who kept small dogs. After her 17-year marriage
Twins born with different skin colors captivate everyone with their beauty
When we talk about twins, we imagine a similar appearance. But not all twins are the same. Our heroines are twin sisters of different races. They don’t have
To be well brought up, Duchess Kate Middleton’s children must follow certain rules
In the British royal family of the Duchess Middleton the upbringing of children is carried out in a demanding way. To be well brought up, the Duchess’s children
The child who looked like a doll has grown up: how the little girl is adorable after nine years
Ire Brown who lives in the United States, was the smallest model in the world. The girl was only two years old when several fashion agencies began to
This Is What Singer Madonna’s First Adopted Child Looks Like Now, 16 Years Ago
The endlessly popular American singer Madonna is also a caring and loving mother. It should be noted that the renowned woman has four daughters and two boys of
Famous Monica Bellucci’s quotes about life and beauty will help every woman
The remarkable Italian actress Monica Bellucci has several quotes about life and about feminine beauty. She is famous for her extraordinary beauty and for this she is called
Despite criticism, actor Jackman still shows his love for his 67-year-old wife
Australian actors Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee-Vurnes celebrated the 24th anniversary of their marriage. The spouses marked years of a happy union despite Hollywood rumors. Jackman