Brazilian Priest Lets EU Dogs Into Church To Find Them New Homes

Every Sunday, Father João Gomes opens the doors of the parish in the Brazilian state to all visitors, but stray dogs are allowed every day of the week.

Father João is a big animal lover and dreams of finding suitable owners for all stray dogs.

“They can still come here to sleep, eat and drink water. Here they will find shelter and protection, for this is God’s house and they are God’s creation”.

Padre also takes care of the health of the dogs and each of them is regularly checked by a veterinarian.

If an animal is injured, it is treated. A dog adopted by the parish must be in good health and have received all the necessary vaccinations. Sometimes puppies or kittens in kennels are brought to church and given priority in finding a family.

The priest’s efforts are paying off: the number of stray dogs in the area has decreased significantly since he began his work. The priest is also helped by the internet – he regularly posts photos of the dogs on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Padre João himself set a good example by adopting other dogs. Now they live in their house.

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