Birth of two donkey twins on an Oklahoma farm a huge blessing

The birth of an animal is always good news, but even more when it comes to a twin two babies are twice as cute. However, newborn donkeys are rare and therefore the subject of much conversation. Only 1.5% of young donkeys give birth to twins.

On August 25, Belle, a donkey from Saundra Traywick, gave birth to these rare twins. They were named Trampas and Betsy, after characters from the western television series The Virginians. According to KOKH, Trewick helped Belle breastfeed the newborns. Twin calves are even rarer than a single calf, but it’s even rarer for them to survive to adulthood, so it’s important to monitor their health.

The female is clearly smaller and weaker than the male, but both hatchlings are eating and appear healthy. So far so good, Sandra told KOKH. It’s a huge blessing for our farm and it’s great to have them here.

Twin calves are unusual, but it’s not the first time they’ve experienced it. They had twins five years ago and have grown well since. We didn’t know at the time that it was an anomaly. We thought, Oh, it’s twins, Sandra told KOKH.

The donkeys on the farm are important to Sandra, who runs Dulce de Donkey, which sells donkey milk and skin care products. Saundra says donkey milk has health benefits and donates the products to children with health issues through the non-profit organization Hee Haw for Health.

What a wonderful surprise for such a rare appearance. We hope the newborn twin donkeys will continue to thrive. Trampas and Betsy, welcome.

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