‘Birds Hiding to Die’ What the Actors Look Like and How Their Fates Unfolded After Nearly 36 Years

In 1983, when the movie “Birds hide to die” appeared on the screens, it became very popular. And without a doubt the viewers had read, the homonymous book.

The subject of the film is always interesting. It reveals the touching and pure love theme that you begin to believe in such a relationship. The audience with the main characters are sad, happy and worried about them.

For many actors this film has become a lucky ticket:

Richard Chamberlain

He is extremely creative; he is the author of several books. He loves music. But the talented actor is still alone.

Rachel Ward

Rachel continued her path as a director. She is the mother of 3 children.

Brian Brown

The man got married now he has a daughter

attends the G’Day USA 2010 Black Tie gala at the Hollywood & Highland Center on January 16, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Piper Laurie

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The actress has been nominated for an Oscar.

Christopher Plummer

Brett Cullen

Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara was in the cinema for several years

Gene Simmons,

Gene was an extremely talented actress and singer

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