Beaten, Earless Stray Cat Finally Groomed and Transformed into a Loving Gentleman

Montreal resident Isabelle once noticed this big stray cat near her home. The white-haired cat had no ears and its appearance was alarming; he obviously needed treatment. Isabelle contacted Canadian cat rescue group Chatons Orphelins Montreal for help.

“Isabelle contacted him and contacted us. Of course, we couldn’t refuse his help. Then we found out on local social media that this cat had been seen more than once in the area. For at least seven years he had lived on the streets, including the harsh, freezing winters. It never had an owner. — Volunteer Selina Krom tells.

During one of the harsh winters, the cat lost both of its ears, the first part of its ears fell off due to frostbite, then the remaining part suffered from a serious infection.

An examination by the vet also showed that the cat was covered in fleas and also scarred from fights with other cats or dogs. He also tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and had bad teeth, which caused the cat pain while eating.

The vet removed some of the bad teeth and the cat immediately felt better.

The cat was given the nickname Hansik and had apparently lost much of its feline life while living on the streets. Due to the immunodeficiency virus, he was very slow to recover and it took three full months before Hansik finally started to look healthy and behave appropriately.

“Until three months ago he was living on the streets sick and poorly cared for. now his wounds are completely healed and he trusts people again and responds to affection. The first few days he was so scared that he wanted to hide from everyone, hiding in a corner of the cage.

Very, very slowly he came out of his “shell” and got used to the touch of a human hand, then he started to climb on our lap. Now he likes to follow us on our heels and watch what we do.

Hansik was so “domesticated” that he cuddled and climbed into bed with the person in the foster home to sleep with her. He became very affectionate and affectionate.

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