Baby elephant receives prosthetic leg after losing leg to landmine

When Moshe’s elephant was only seven months old, the worst happened. She stepped on a mine and lost her right front leg. A cute little elephant’s life seemed to have been destroyed forever, and no one thought she could walk again.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination and the country is often associated with golden beaches, palm trees and beautiful scenery.

But what many don’t know is that the country also has a large landmine problem along its borders with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. Thailand is estimated to still have 360 ​​km2 of landmines and explosive remnants of war in 10 provinces.

The authorities are doing their best to remove all landmines, but it is a difficult job, as the lands contaminated by the mines include villages, agricultural lands and parts of the national forests.

Unfortunately, many of them are still at large. Over the years, humans and animals have suffered serious injuries.

One of them was the mosha elephant.

She was only 7 months old and stepped on one of these Mines and lost her leg.

His situation caused a huge load on his spine as well as the other 3 limbs.

But when a doctor named Terdchai Jivakate heard about Mosha’s terrible tragedy, he realized he had to act.

Dr. Terdchai Jivakate is an orthopedic surgeon who deals with the rehabilitation of injured elephants. And for a long time he worked in the world’s first elephant hospital, located in Thailand. When he heard about Mosa’s situation, he did not hesitate for a second to intervene.

With the help of his team, Dr. Jivakate developed the world’s first artificial elephant leg. It’s a prosthesis that makes Moshe’s life easier and allows him to walk again. And as mosha grows and ages, Dr. Jivakate makes him new prostheses.

Thanks to the remarkable efforts of Dr. Jivakate and his team, mosha is back to normal and can finally live a normal life again. Watch the video below to learn more about Moshe and the kind Dr.Jivakata.

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