At His Funeral, A Horse Says Goodbye To His Best Friend

Wagner Lima and his horse, whose name is Sereno, are true friends. But their happy story had a tragic end.

Due to a very serious car accident Lima died in 34 years of his life.

Of course his death was a tragedy for everyone; especially for his inseparable friend

Dozens of people were present at the Funeral de Lima Serena was there too

But no one expected what would happen next.

Sereno seemed to understand that the arrival of the truck carrying Lima’s coffin meant that his friend was indeed dead.

It was quite a powerful feeling. Everyone present was moved.

Sereno then bent down and placed his head against the coffin.

The horse seemed to be aware of what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.

Afterwards, Sereno joins the other mourners as they drive Lima to his final resting place.

In order to preserve Lima’s legacy of love for Sereno in his new home for many years to come, Wando later accepted his late brother’s horse into his own family.

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